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I can’t believe I’m this sad about listing our house

Our house is on the market. As I watched the virtual tour this morning, I teared up. I LOVE our house. I’m going to miss our house. Our new house only partially exists on a piece of paper, so it makes it a bit hard to focus on the new memories that will be made. I AM excited to be on the farm, but I can’t picture any family dinners, birthday parties, or Christmas mornings there yet. Prior to living here, I moved 6 times in 7 years. I didn’t have much attachment to any of them and I didn’t really love any of the places either. This is different. In April, we will have been here for 7 years. We’ve brought 3 of our babies home from the hospital to this house. OK, now I’m tearing up again.

Check out the listing. Share it with friends who may be interested. I want it to sell so I can move on and focus on building a new home that will be even better than this one. Thanks!

In a matter of a couple days, we have gone from 1 egg/day to 2-3 eggs/day. When the hens first start laying, the eggs are often very small. One of the hens laid this extra large egg though. We haven’t cracked it open yet, but it may be a double-yolker. Here it is next to a large store bought egg.




February 23, 2014

We got a few things taken care of this weekend in regards to the move. I have a feeling that the more of these initial things we check-off, the bigger our list will get. With all the snow and cold, there isn’t much else to do anyway.

Friday: “virtual tour” pictures taken of our current home. It should be officially on the market Tuesday.

Saturday: attended the Spring Home & Garden show to get some ideas and narrowed our 20+ floor plans down to 2. We are hoping to get a “final” plan done in the next week or so.

Sunday: heard back from the surveyor with 3 different building site options to choose from. .


Backyard Eggs

I am so excited that we started getting eggs from our backyard flock again. We had a gap in our egg production late last summer because we let our flock get a little too old and our hound, Copper, had an unplanned chicken dinner a couple of times. So, in September, I ordered us a new batch of chicks. This week they started laying! Continue reading