Monthly Archives: May 2014

Spring is busy!

Spring has historically been a busy time for us. With Scott being part of the agriculture industry, planting season has always had him working crazy hours. This year, my work schedule added to the chaos. I’ve just wrapped up over a year’s worth of work on the largest IT project of my career. Last week, I had to work six 12+ hour days in a row, including one 17 hour overnight shift, to get everything implemented successfully. Needless to say, our work schedules have left a very large to-do list for our home and farm life.

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Becoming Shepherds

On a sunny day in April, my husband purchased a flock of sheep that he had found on craigslist. 21 pregnant ewes and 2 rams were dropped off at the farm by a local livestock hauler. We were now shepherds. Scott was ecstatic, the kids were very excited, and yet, I was a tad hesitant. I felt like I had just gotten the hang of dealing with the beef cows and calves, and now all of a sudden I was going to have to learn something new. At least this something new, was smaller than me and didn’t kick – though the thought of rams around had me nervous.

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