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June 13, 2014

So, as of today, our current house hasn’t sold. We ended up doing a major revision on our new home plan in hopes that maybe we can swing two mortgages. We won’t quite be able to swing it, but should be able to handle getting the basement poured this fall, if our house isn’t sold. That will take a month or so off of the time it will take to complete our house and also give us a better chance of being able to finish it during the winter months. Showings have slowed down, my frustrations have increased, yet we are staying patient and trusting that the right buyer will come at the right time.

Taking an alternate route to help with allergies

I grew up with many unpleasant allergies – pollen, grass, animals, detergents, soaps. I’ve stressed over each of my children suffering from at least one allergy at some point in their short lives. All of this stressing and suffering has led me to leading a more “natural” lifestyle over the last 4 years. It has helped with the allergies more than any of the prescription or over-the-counter meds I have tried. The soaps, shampoos, detergents, cleaning supplies that are more natural, all have helped to improve my girls’ skin problems. Lilly gets hives and rashes from artificial food colorings and additives, so eating more “real” food has been the cure for that. For seasonal allergies, did you know that eating a teaspoon of raw, local honey, each day can help?  Lilly’s skin gets very irritated from pollen landing on it and the honey has really helped to lessen that. Recently, I’ve added another natural tool to help combat the allergies – essential oils.

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