Monthly Archives: August 2014

July flew by!

WOW! This past month has gone by so fast! I wish summer would just slow down! Fun things have been happening on the farmstead, so I thought I would give you a quick run down.

– We had another successful year at the county fair. Scott and Kaitlyn spent a lot of time working in the 4-H Food Booth to help fund our club. Kaitlyn, Anne, and Isabelle were all able to enter projects. Kaitlyn did very well in candy making and art and earned some blue ribbons. She earned some red and white ribbons too for our home environment, photography, and bread making projects. Anne and Isabelle were very happy with their participation ribbons for their decorated cupcakes and artwork. Anne is nervous already for next year, because she will be “judged for real.”

– The permit process is finally complete for the new home construction. It sounds like the ground-breaking will start next week. Scott and I have spent the last few days picking out exterior finishes, flooring, cabinets, and appliances. Next week, I’ll finish up our interior door and trim selections and we should be set. We are making as many decisions as early as possible so that things can progress at a quick pace. If all goes well, we are hoping to be moved in by Thanksgiving.

– We should have a temporary mobile home set up at the farm next week. It will certainly be a challenge to all get along for a few months in a tiny space, but we will make the best of it and enjoy every last bit of nice weather outside. The majority of our belongings are either in a storage unit or in storage at the farm. We’ll be sleeping on mattresses, pulling our clothes out of bins, and eating off paper plates for the next few months. It will be a once in a lifetime experience! :)

– Scott is now running his own business (in addition to the farm). He is still selling Pioneer seed, but now he owns a dealership instead of working for someone else’s dealership. While the timing and planning of everything has certainly added a bit of chaos, it is so exciting to see this dream become a reality right along with the farm.

– We are going to be adding some animals to the farm in the next few weeks. We have picked out our Great Pyrenees puppy to guard the livestock. Her name is Mia and she will be coming to the farm mid-August. We also have a batch of baby chicks being mailed from Texas so that we can grow our flock of laying hens and have more eggs come spring.

– Scott and I spent a day on a “pasture-walk” about an hour away. We went with a group to tour a farm that raises sheep. We were able to learn so much, get tons of questions answered, and also try all kinds of different lamb products. Even though our lamb are so darn cute, I am very excited to have one processed this fall for our family to enjoy. We didn’t make any of the pictures, but here is the article that the reporter in the group published.

– Surprisingly, it hasn’t been all work and no play. We enjoyed our annual trip to the rodeo with some great friends. We’ve had a couple of playdates with my friend Sarah and her kids, whom we hadn’t seen in quite awhile. We enjoyed our pool every weekend until it got taken down and moved to the farm. The kids have been doing some organized summer activities too – basketball, gymnastics, and drama classes.

What have you been up to this July?