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Frequently Asked Questions about our Eggs

What are your chickens fed?

Our happy chickens are pasture raised. They enjoy a diet of mainly grass and bugs when there is no snow on the ground. They are fed a commercial layer feed (which does include soy) through the winter. They are also fed dried meal worms, scratch grains, and vegetable & garden scraps as treats. They live in a mobile coop that is moved frequently to fresh pasture.

Are your eggs organic?

Our eggs are not certified organic. Though, the pastures they live on do not get sprayed with any chemicals and we do not use any hormones or antibiotics with our chickens. Their living conditions surpass large organic producers as our chickens have pretty much unlimited space to roam outside year round.

How do you get the blue eggs?

The blue & green eggs come from 2 specific breeds we have on the farm. The Ameraucana and Easter-egger breeds. Easter-eggers are generally a cross between an Ameraucana chicken and a brown egg laying breed. The chickens themselves come in a variety of colors and I love seeing the mixed flock out in our pasture. They are great egg layers!

What breeds do you raise on your farm?

In addition to the Ameraucana and Easter-eggers, we raise mostly heritage breeds  – check out more here.  We have some Delaware, Dominque, Black Australop, and Welsummer hens that all lay brown eggs. The only “standard” breed we currently have are Rhode Island Reds. We have 5 hens and a rooster of that breed. These hens are the ones that lay the extra-large brown eggs. When selecting breeds, I look for breeds that will do well through our harsh winters.

Help! What’s that red spot in my egg?

Occasionally, you may find a tiny blood spot on the egg yolk. These spots do not indicate a fertilized egg. They are actually caused by a ruptured blood vessel on the yolk surface during formation of the egg. Both chemically and nutritionally, eggs with blood spots are fit to eat. You can remove the spot with the tip of a knife, if you wish. Many egg producers candle the eggs (hold a light to them to look for spots). We do not. Taking the time to candle all of our eggs would just add to the cost.

Are your eggs graded?

No. We do not have our eggs USDA inspected, so they are not graded. They are also not weighed. You will get a mixture of extra-large to medium size eggs. We do keep the smallest eggs to use ourselves

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