Helping Hands

Soon, Scott and I leave for a 5 day vacation to the Bahamas. As excited as I am, the mommy guilt started sneaking in a couple of days ago. I’m feeling really bad about leaving my life  (my children) behind and in other people’s hands. I keep hearing from others that we deserve some time away, that it will be great to have some one-on-one time, and that everything will be fine, but I really love being with my whole family and I am going to miss it! I’m sure the trip will be amazing, but it is still hard when I think time with my kids is pretty darn amazing too.

To make things easier on us and the kids, we’ve recruited many helping hands. We have Ashley staying right at the house for the week and covering everything on the home front. My in-laws and the next door neighbors are on emergency stand-by. The previous farm owner is going to take care of the cows. Multiple friends will be getting the older kids to and from their various activities. My mother-in-law is going to give Ashley a night off. Plus, the oldest girls have their own assigned responsibilities of helping out around the house, shoveling if needed, and feeding the dogs and chickens. We are trying to raise responsible kids, so this will be a good test to see how well we are doing. We have the best nanny, neighbors, family, and friends that anyone could ever have – for that, I am SO THANKFUL! There is no way I could consider taking a trip out of the country without them. It truly does take a village and I’m so glad we have a village to rely on.

On the farm front, the cows all survived the harsh cold and are enjoying the warmer temps and the fresh snow this week. We spent some time with them this morning and have all of the named, except for one. We are waiting on Scott to come up with the perfect name for his. Speaking of helping hands, here are some pics of the girls helping daddy out this morning.

IMG_0374 IMG_0373 IMG_0369 IMG_0368


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