Hooray for Tuesday!

Friday used to be my favorite day of the week because I don’t work at my real job on Fridays and I get to hang out with my amazing kids. Since living in this trailer home, Tuesday has become my favorite day. It is the day the port-a-potty gets pumped and cleaned! If I forget it is Tuesday, the fresh scent of the port-a-potty reminds me when I get home from work. It’s kind of sad what gets me excited lately.

My last post was talking about how July flew by. Well, August, September, and now October are flying by too. Which is a good thing, because if they weren’t going so fast, I think I would need to be sedated. In August and September, I had a few weeks off. I had all of these dreams of updating the blog, providing tips on what I’m learning in the trailer, and share all the wonderful things going on at the farm. Reality hit and I was actually extremely overwhelmed. When I get overwhelmed, I can usually really only focus on one thing. In August & September, the one thing was making it through each day.

Having to go outside to use the bathroom is getting very old. As it gets colder outside, it is very hard to send my little ladies out to use the bathroom. Thankfully, we did get water running to the trailer, so we can shower and wash up, but we won’t have septic hooked up to the trailer. The construction is on track and we are looking at completion the week before Thanksgiving, so we will have indoor toilets then!

I LOVE cooking and baking, not having a stove/oven has really put a damper on that. When I get stressed, baking (and eating the sweet treats I make) is one of my favorite ways to relieve the stress. No oven = no baking. I did get to make 6 apple pies at my mother-in-laws house though, so that helped. I can’t wait for the TWO ovens in the new house. I did purchase a NuWave hotplate through an As Seen on TV ad and have been really impressed with it. The tools we do have to help with warm meals are an electric fry pan, microwave, and a NuWave hot plate that I ordered after seeing an As Seen on TV ad for it. I must say, the hot plate is pretty amazing. :)

The Laundromat trips have proven to be interesting. If we get behind on laundry at all, we end up with 7-8 washers/dryers full. I try to get early so we can get the machines that take credit cards instead of having to deal with a bunch of quarters. I think the college kids get a little irritated when we fill everything up, but they need to learn that the early bird gets the worm.

The space heater situation has proved to be more challenging than the lack of air conditioning. Sometimes, the heaters get the house to 75 degrees in the middle of the night and I have children come into my bed and start stripping because they are so hot. Other times, it is so cold when I wake up in the morning that I struggle to get myself out of bed. I’m sure that as soon as we figure out how to keep it at the perfect temp, it will be time to move out.

The bathroom, oven, laundry, and space heaters were all “planned” for. The unexpected things are what have really overwhelmed me. A smaller than average refrigerator and TINY cupboards have made storing food, kitchen tools, and just about everything else we need to live very difficult. Frozen water lines when it is just slightly cold out, have surprised us on a few mornings – not being able to shower makes me crabby. Blowing fuses when too many things are plugged in on one breaker frustrates my husband to the point of swearing. And please don’t get me started on the critters that think we put a warm trailer in their field for them to live in – that usually brings me to tears.


The view from our trailer!

So, the only tip I really have to share about how a family of seven can survive in a 3 bedroom mobile home without septic or an oven is to just suck it up and get through it one day at a time. Know that there are those less fortunate and that every day is a gift, even if it can feel like a burden. It’s a lot about attitude too. If you can always look for the positives, everything seems more bearable. Our positives are that we are on the farm with the animals, we get to see progress on our new home pretty much every day, and we have a GORGEOUS view.

Now that we are getting closer to the big move and I am not quite so overwhelmed, I do hope to blog more. I’ll get you all caught up on the farm happenings. I also have been having great experiences with essential oils that I would like to share. Once we are in the new house and I get to cook again, I’ll get some more recipes up too.

Also, if you are of the praying type, please pray for my friends that have way more overwhelming issues than I.

– My friend Kellie, her family, and her mighty twin boys in the NICU
– My friend Tia and her family as her dad deals with a brain tumor
– My friend Jesse and his family as his niece begins her journey of living with leukemia
– My friends John and Tara as they complete the adoption of their little guy
– My friends Bridgette and Dianne who both have sons that are learning to live with Type 1 Diabetes
– My many friends that have lost their children or husbands and are struggling through the recent anniversaries, birthdays, and upcoming holidays

2 thoughts on “Hooray for Tuesday!

  1. Lynda Polingo

    Sounds like quite an adventure and one you will never forget! The fact that this is temporary, should make it a little easier to deal with. I remember when John and I built our houseā€¦.Oh yeah, I guess it was more of a blur. It took us a year because we built it ourselves, evenings and weekends, after our day jobs. We lived with my parents basement. We also had 5 kids (his and mine) to deal with. So, I feel your pain. And yes, this too shall pass. In the end, you will have a wonderful family home that you will enjoy for many years in a beautiful place. You are indeed blessed! Hang in there!


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