We will have pasture raised, antibiotic & hormone free, lamb from our farm ready to butcher again early-summer 2015. They are Polypay/Dorset crosses and provide excellent meat. If you are interested in being contacted when we have lamb available, please fill out the below form.

We offer whole lamb at $5/lb hanging weight plus processing/packaging fees (approx. $85). We recommend Springbrook Meats for processing, but are willing to deliver to another local shop. If you would like to process your own lamb, please let me know and we can sell based on live weight at $2.50/lb. Depending on the interest, we may also offer 1/2 lambs at $5.50/lb hanging weight and then the cost of processing would be split with another person.

Hanging weight for a whole lamb will be around 60-70 lbs which will give you about 40-45 lbs of meat depending on the cuts you choose. For those unfamiliar with lamb, below is a chart that may help with what you would get from a whole lamb. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Body Part Trimmed Weight Possible Cuts
Leg 13 lbs Leg Roasts, Leg Slices
Loin 7lbs Loin Chops, Loin Roasts
Rib 5lbs Rib Chops, Rib Roasts, Rack of Lamb
Shoulder 10lbs Shoulder Roasts, Arm Roasts, Blade Chops
Misc 7lbs Riblets, Stew meat, Ground Lamb, Shanks, Flank
Total 42lbs



Lamb Preference
 1/2 lamb whole lamb