Less Electronics for Lent

So, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. We will be fasting and abstaining from meat on Fridays. Every year, we also try to give up something that will help us change for the better. 

Before we were married, we used to go out to the bars every other weekend since Scott had off. Our first Lent together, we decided to give up drinking and ended up finding much more enjoyable things to do. When Lent was over, we never did get back into the habit of going out all of the time. That Lent really helped solidify our relationship and I think it made us both realize how much we enjoyed each other’s company.

In the last couple months, we’ve noticed most of the family relying heavily on electronics for entertainment. Lilly wakes up at 6am asking to use the iPad. Anne and Isabelle are constantly asking to play on our phones, if they can watch TV, and fighting over the iPad. Kaitlyn recently got an iPhone and I don’t think she has put it down since. After the kids are in bed, Scott and I are either watching TV or playing with our phones. It has gotten a bit out of control. So, this year Scott and I decided that the whole family is going to give-up/limit electronic use in our house during Lent. Hopefully, this change will hang around after Lent too.

Scott and I both use computers and our phones heavily for work and the kids use electronics at school, so we did have to make some “rules” around this. Basically, while we are at home there will be no computer, iPad, TV, “smart phone”, kindle, or DS use. We can listen to the radio. We will still answer our phones if someone calls us. Texting while we are at home will be limited to organizing carpools and communication regarding the house sale. Since we manage our family calendar electronically, we can add items to the calendar as necessary, but need to be more aware of when we are doing it so that it is not taking away from any family time. Scott and I have both pledged to not work from home – except for when I am scheduled to be on-call. I will also not be blogging while at home, but can sneak it in while on lunch break or right after work.

I know this will be a challenge for all of us. The kids aren’t excited about it at all, but I am looking forward to it.  I’m praying that this will brings us closer together as a family and helps us remember how to spend time together without a screen keeping us entertained. I’ll keep you all posted on our progress with quick updates and maybe a bigger reflection after Lent is over.

I’m interested to hear what others do during Lent, so please share. Is anyone interested in joining us in limiting electronics?

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