Daisy - My Favorite

Daisy – My Favorite

Right after we purchased the cows, Scott and I went to meet them. I wanted to pick one to be “mine”, before all the kids started picking and naming them. This beautiful lady caught my eye and was the first one to come close to me. I told Scott she was mine and that the kids could name all of the rest. I decided to name her Daisy.

A few days later, Scott came home to share that the cows were starting to recognize him and his truck. He also told me how sorry he felt for one of the black cows that the kids haven’t even named yet. He said that she is clearly low-cow on the totem pole and is always the last to eat and drink. He then proceeded to share that Daisy is the boss cow. She makes sure everyone knows their place and is the first to get to the food and water. She also does her best to make the poor, black cow wait for the others to get done eating. He had to add that he thinks we are a perfect match. Don’t I have a sweet husband?

Bossy or not, I love Daisy already and can’t wait for it to warm up so I can spend some more time getting to know her.

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