Our Family Calendar

As many of you know, we have a very busy schedule. I often get asked how I manage it, so I thought I would share it on the blog. Please share any tips or apps you may use too. I love checking out new methods!        

One of the best organization tools I have found is our Cozi calendar. A few years ago, I read a “Top 10 Apps for Busy Moms” article and the Cozi app was one of them. It was a free app, so I didn’t even hesitate to give it a try. I LOVE it and we could not manage without it. I had always struggled with keeping Scott informed of what was happening each night. With Cozi he can check our schedule on his own time, and he gets reminded of anything he needs to attend. The family calendar function also allows me to color code each family member’s activities and automatically send a weekly email that outlines the next week’s events. I love that it is very easy to track recurring activities and sports schedules. The reminder function sends text reminders to Kaitlyn’s non-smart phone and also alerts us via the app on our iPhones. In addition to the calendar, there are some shared list functions that we use. I have attempted to use the meal planning function, but I haven’t gotten that down yet. You can also access everything via the web at cozi.com. I highly recommend giving Cozi a try if you struggle keeping your family informed of activities.

When school started this year, I also implemented a family calendar on our wall. Since Anne & Isabelle are both in school full-time and have extra-curricular activities of their own, I felt it was important for them to see what was going on with the family too. I really didn’t want them to have to get on the computer to figure it out, so I decided to use a dry erase calendar. At the beginning of each month, I review Cozi and transfer everything that would be important for the whole family to know from Cozi to the wall. This dual calendar method does create the risk of something getting missed on one of the calendars, but we haven’t gotten into too much trouble with that yet. In addition to our family activities, the wall calendar has initials indicating the order the girls get on the bus (prior to this being written down, it was a huge cause of conflict in the morning) and also their daily stars for checklist completion.

Here are some pictures of the wall calendar. It certainly isn’t “Pinterest Pretty”, but it works well for us.



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