Playing Catch Up

Our trip to the Bahamas was amazing. Warm sun, sandy beaches, amazing food, and a beautiful resort made for a very relaxing and memorable trip. I forgot all my worries for 5 whole days! Unfortunately, upon our return, my brain wasn’t quite ready for all of those worries to come back.

We continued to relax and just hang out with the kids throughout the weekend. When Tuesday rolled around, I realized very quickly that I was behind. Ashley texted me to ask if she should pick up milk and bananas, which reminded me that we hadn’t been to the grocery store since before we left. Ooops! So, a weeknight shopping trip it was. I HATE week night grocery shopping – hungry, tired kids in Wal-Mart always leads to a very crabby mom.

Wednesday evening came and  on my drive home from work, I realized that Scott had taken the van for work and I had no way of getting all of our kids to CCD. Later, while Isabelle was getting her backpack ready, she asked what she was bringing for snack the next day. Another ooops! I had forgotten to add class snack to the shopping list on Tuesday. We raided the pantry and found some snack mix to send.

My week hit an all time low on Thursday.  Just after 4, I got a text from Ashley asking who was picking up Isabelle from her after-school group at 4:15. OMG! I had totally forgotten and even ignored the reminder on my phone that had popped up. I was crushed. Thank goodness Ashley was able to cover for me and said she would run into town. Scott had not put the cars seats back in the van yet and since he was in a rush to get home so the kids could make CCD, he had left the gas tank on empty. Ashley to the rescue again – a quick carseat install and stop at the gas station was added to her trip. I felt so horrible.

Needless to say, my weekend has been spent getting caught up and getting back into my household management job. I finally feel like I have a minute to breath and blog. I’m going to share some of my organization tips on the blog very soon – hopefully that will help me get things back in order too. Please tell me I’m not alone and that some of you have had similar weeks!

Just for fun – here are some of pictures from our trip!


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