Spring is busy!

Spring has historically been a busy time for us. With Scott being part of the agriculture industry, planting season has always had him working crazy hours. This year, my work schedule added to the chaos. I’ve just wrapped up over a year’s worth of work on the largest IT project of my career. Last week, I had to work six 12+ hour days in a row, including one 17 hour overnight shift, to get everything implemented successfully. Needless to say, our work schedules have left a very large to-do list for our home and farm life.

First off, I need to thank our amazing nanny, Ashley, for managing the day to day tasks with the kids and the house during the week. Also, a big thanks to our former nanny, Emily, for spending last weekend with the kids and getting the house ready to show. Without the additional help, I don’t think Scott would have met his goal of “keeping everyone alive” while I was gone. I’m pretty sure our house would be in shambles too.

While home life had assistance, the farm did not. I feel like we are way behind. Scott is spending the afternoon today planting some oats – a task he has been trying to get to all week – while I stay home with the napping kids. We also need to finish up tagging the lambs, docking their tails, and castrating the ram lambs. If I could do that all myself, I’d have it done, but it is a two person job. Finding time when both Scott and I are available has been extra tough lately. It’s made me consider looking into a bed & breakfast/farm experience business. :) I have so many other things I want to look into though – marketing for the lambs, improving our grazing set up, herd management apps, and a solid business plan for the next year. We also need to add a couple more trees to the orchard I started on Mother’s Day and fence in some more pasture. There is just not enough time in the day!

I knew owning our own farm would be additional work, but neglected to realize that the busiest time on our farm would be during Scott’s busiest time at work. I also didn’t plan around my job needing the majority of my attention this spring. We’ll get through it though. Bottom line is I wish I had more time to blog, but it is hectic these days. I can’t wait for our home to sell, our new house to be finished, and the farmstead to become our homestead. I’m sure it won’t resolve all of our time constraints, but I know it will help.

Thanks for reading!

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