Thank Goodness for Kind Neighbors

Thursday evening, we were hit with quite a snow storm. We got 7 inches of wet & heavy snow. The wind picked up over night, and it all started drifting. Many people were without power, trees were knocked down from the weight of the snow, and it took down some of the fencing at the farm. Scott went to the farm early Saturday to get the fencing fixed and the cows fed. Our small tractor wasn’t cutting it, and Scott couldn’t get the hay out or move any snow around with our tiny plow. The next door neighbors were also struggling with getting the 5 foot drifts cleared out of their driveway. Scott called up another neighbor to see if he could use a bigger tractor from him for a couple of hours. The neighbor didn’t even hesitate in saying “yes.” Scott was able to get the snow cleared for our neighbors, very easily get the hay to the cows, and clear everything out enough so he could get the fencing fixed. He doesn’t even know how long it would have taken him to get things done, if it weren’t for Farmer Dean. Later in the day, we ran into Dean and his wife at Menards. I hadn’t met them yet, even though Scott had raised calves for them and they have met all of the kids. It was great to finally meet them and thank them in person for helping us out. I’m so grateful that we have neighbors around that are willing to help and share. I’m also proud to be a neighbor that will help and share whenever needed. Our neighbors know they can count on us. The community we live in is amazing, and I’m thankful every day that we were able to purchase the land to build our dreams here.

The chicken coop & run covered in a snow blanket and the tree that went down in our backyard.

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One thought on “Thank Goodness for Kind Neighbors

  1. Tony Liedl

    Good neighbors certainly are a blessing! Hoping this winter ends soon, and at least you’ll have some wood from the fallen tree for a nice bonfire this spring!


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