February 23, 2014

We got a few things taken care of this weekend in regards to the move. I have a feeling that the more of these initial things we check-off, the bigger our list will get. With all the snow and cold, there isn’t much else to do anyway.

Friday: “virtual tour” pictures taken of our current home. It should be officially on the market Tuesday.

Saturday: attended the Spring Home & Garden show to get some ideas and narrowed our 20+ floor plans down to 2. We are hoping to get a “final” plan done in the next week or so.

Sunday: heard back from the surveyor with 3 different building site options to choose from. .


5 thoughts on “Weekend update

  1. Tony Liedl

    I WISH I could buy your “old” house! It’s amazing, and I love the property. Are you moving somewhere temporary and building new right away? Lots of exciting things happening for you! I can’t wait to come see all your animals. (Get goats!)

    1. Katie Post author

      Thanks Tony! We are going to try and manage things so that we aren’t “homeless” for very long. We certainly don’t want 2 mortgages, so we need to wait to get heavy into the building part until we sell this house. We do have a couple options for temporary housing while the new house is being built. Ideally, our house won’t sell for another couple months, but I hear there are a lot of buyers starting to look for spring, so we didn’t want to miss any opportunities.

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