Welcome to Crazy Town!

Hello! It’s me, the long lost blogger, who has taken a quick detour to crazy town. I’m making my way back home, though. I have a few minutes to share what’s going on at the farm, so read on for an entertaining run down.

WE WILL BE MOVING INTO THE NEW HOUSE IN 2 DAYS! Yes, I’m shouting that. The trailer has certainly been an adventure I won’t forget, but for the last week and a half we have been “homeless.” The cold weather kicked us to the curb – actually field since we don’t have curbs out in the country. We had to have our running water stopped due to freezing and the indoor temp wasn’t getting much above 53 degrees – that’s like living in a refrigerator and I don’t think it is very healthy for anyone. Thankfully, we were able to book a suite at the nearby hotel for a couple of nights and then moved in with my in-laws last weekend. I am so thankful! It adds a lot of time to our daily commute, and the kids have had to miss a few activities. But, we have stayed warm, been able to use an indoor toilet and oven, and gotten to take showers in a nice large shower. Woo hoo – you can’t beat that!

On the farming side of things, harvesting, fencing, and winter watering set-up didn’t all get done before the snow and cold snap. Scott is great at coming up with alternate plans though, so we are surviving and the animals are surviving too. I’m just praying it warms up a tad so that we can get prepared for our winter lambing that will start after Christmas. As much as I am excited to have little babies again, I’m second guessing the decision to do it in the cold.

The farm actually generated income in the last month too! After 11 months of just writing checks, we finally got to deposit some. We were able to sell our ram lambs, bull calves, bull, and corn. It was hard to see some of the babies go, but selling the bull actually made me very happy. He got to go to a farm instead of to the meat market. He really was a nice bull, so I’m glad he will be put to work making babies.

Anyone remember the mystery ram that just showed up at our farm? Scott always told me that he thought he just wandered to our farm. I always said that someone must have just dropped him of and put him in the pasture. Well, this morning, Scott was probably proven right. When I pulled up to the farm this morning, he was outside the fence. He then jumped right through it to get back in. CRAZY! We still do not know where he came from, but I guess he could have wandered. When he appeared, he was very thin (which is why I thought he was dropped off), but now he looks much healthier. We have done a lot of driving around to find someone near us that has some sheep, but haven’t found any. None of the neighbors have any ideas either.

Well, I’m off to bed now. I will be dreaming of sleeping in my own bed soon and getting back into a good routine. Watch for an update once we are all back at the farm. Thanks for reading!


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