What I’ve missed most and a quick update

So, Lent began on March 5th and we chose to limit electronics use in our house. It has been going pretty well. The kids have been keeping surprisingly busy without the TV, iPad, and video games. We’ve been playing a lot of board games and finally spending a lot of time outside. I’ve been really limiting my use of electronics to work and taking care of house sale/building items. I had thought I would be able to take time before or after work or during lunch to blog, but I’ve actually had to use that time to get other things done on electronics – like paying bills, updating calendars, emailing teachers. It is amazing to me how much I depend on electronics to keep things going smoothly around here!

I was very surprised by what I have missed most. Can you guess? It’s not Facebook, email, or TV. I have really missed is Google. I was not expecting that at all. I’ve apparently gotten into the habit of googling whenever I have an idea, the kids ask a question, I need a new recipe, or I have to find a phone number. It has been very tough and I have had to “cheat” and look up phone numbers because we don’t own a phonebook. I started writing a list of ideas I want to Google when Lent is over – is that sad?

I have missed blogging and reading blogs too. We have a lot of the exciting spring things going on at the farm. As of today, 3 of the 11 cows have had their calves. I have a crazy story to share about our calf, Elsa, being born in the freezing rain. It won’t be that exciting to my farmer friends, but I can say it was my first experience dealing with an angry momma cow and having to work in non-ideal conditions. Watch for a post after Easter.

Today, we bought a herd of pregnant sheep! They should be arriving in the next week and start lambing in our barn later this month. This is new territory for both Scott and I, but we are very excited.

Unfortunately, our house has not sold yet. We have had 15 showings so far, but no offers. Much of the feedback has been very positive, so we are hopeful that we will have an offer soon. I know it will happen when it is the right time.

On a positive note, we did finalize our new home plans. We also have the 5 acres marked out where we want to build and are awaiting approval from the town board.

Here are some pictures of the first 2 new babies to enjoy! The third was born today, but I couldn’t get a decent picture of him. I hope everyone has a great Easter and can’t wait to start blogging more regularly again soon!

0104a1941299500ba595317cd76fa94768a37482aaOur 1st Calf! (Born on 3/31/14. Yet to be named)

018b53071a8dbbb79ad1dd3aa5cd86b051f3ec1b5c Hanging out with his very protective momma, Milkshake, and finally getting to enjoy some warm weather.


01657bb09e0384f72b555295ffa2fcc5bda5b91d9fElsa. Born in the freezing rain, covered in ice, and saved by my amazing husband on 4/4/14. Her mother is either Ice Cream Mix or Mixed Ice Cream – only Anne knows which one is which.


3 thoughts on “What I’ve missed most and a quick update

    1. Katie Post author

      Jodi- just seeing this now. That would be a PERFECT name, but he ended up being named Lalite Popstar. That’s what happens when the only children in our house that can talk are girls! :)


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